Stewart Milne Homes

Stewart Milne Homes embracing shared-space principles in Calderwood.


A greenway in Calderwood; offering residents opportunities to travel in more sustainable ways and meet one another.

Taylor Wimpey

Taylor Wimpey homes over looking a 'pocket park' in Calderwood.

A good house is one that is loved by its residents.

Designs for Calderwood homes have endeavoured to be different. Describing your house to a visitor should not amount to the number on the door as the only means of distinguishing it from the rest of the street.

Homes can be distinctive in a variety of ways; through design, materials, colour, landscape and plantings. Even the provision of flower borders or window boxes can allow the resident to personalise and cherish their own special home.

Calderwood can already boast a full range of homes from 2 bed semi-detached up to larger 6 bed detached homes. In the future, there could also be the possibility of buying bespoke, individually designed homes.

Each Calderwood home will be part of a wider 'home zone' featuring attractive, landscaped streets and neighbourhood parks where people can meet and interact.  Home zone streets will be safe places for children to play and pedestrians have the right of way over cars. Landscaped greenways will connect each home zone to larger public spaces and parks.

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