Wed 6 Sep 2017
Residents Reap the Rewards of the Community Garden!

2:57 pm

Community Garden Strawberries!
Green-fingered Calderwood residents!
Calderwood's Community Garden flourishes!

Calderwood Community Garden

The Calderwood Community Garden has grown from humble beginnings into a flourishing and productive environment. The finishing touches to this fantastic community asset have still to be made, but that hasn't stopped Calderwood's green-fingered residents from growing and gardening! Residents have recently enjoyed harvesting herbs, peas, potatoes and strawberries.

Stirling Developments is delighted by the community's efforts this summer; we're excited to see what the next growing season will bring!

Want to volunteer your green fingers and get involved? Get in touch with the 'Calderwood Residents Group, East Calder'  through their facebook page.